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TradeCopier a trades copying service for forex for MetaTrader

2014-02-27 12:33:18 is a trade copying service for forex that plugs into the MetaTrader trading platform in order to send signals to various different accounts. It does this by means of a simple EA which is installed into MetaTrader and run like any other. Once the EA is installed, any forex signal taken by the ‘master’ account will be mimicked in all syncing accounts, known as ‘slaves’. How it works In order to set up Trade Copier, you will need to install the EA on...

Biggest concern is represented by EUR/USD

2014-01-10 12:34:04

This year started in a highly optimistic manner with some profits that came the US equity market’s way; USD/JPY is more stabilized than in 2013, but the biggest concern is represented by EUR/USD. According to Realtime Forex, the market could fall...

2014 predictions for first quarter

2014-01-07 06:58:33

As it can be seen from most of the analysts’ predictions, 2014 seems to be quite a good year when compared to 2013. Currencies around the world have started to grow slowly, but surely and for the first time since the financial crisis struck, we...

Gold - Invest now or wait for better times

2013-12-19 12:28:58

Gold is one commodity highly influenced by supply and demand, but more importantly by speculation. Over time, gold has been used either as an inflation hedge or money, which means that this metal will exist as long as we have a reason to buy, sell...

September is coming, volumes are back

2013-09-02 13:58:29

A SHOOTING STAR ON EURUSD? By now, the market is just waiting for news coming from the Federal Reserve to take a position for or against tapering. In fact, the winds of war blowing on Syria and the crisis of some emerging countries are bringing...

The summer is ending

2013-08-26 05:39:17

WHAT IS THE FED GOING TO DO...? After the minutes of the Federal Reserve have expressed all the possible uncertainty about the evolution of the U.S. monetary policy in the coming months, the macro data of the coming week do not seem to be so...

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